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Timeless Love is a collection for the modern day, versatile bride; offering beautifully hand-made dresses with an atelier touch, at an affordable price. This current collection was birthed in response to the recent UK government restrictions placed on weddings, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; which has forced many brides to postpone their weddings/ wedding planning. We acknowledge that many brides had a personalised fairy-tale-like vision for what their wedding day would look like.
We’re here to tell you that all hope isn’t lost. We still want every bride to be able to have an incredible wedding day in a glamorous dress, no matter the season or time. The name “Timeless love” was inspired by the tenacity of many couples in deciding to work around the restrictions, by stripping back the layers of tradition wedding planning & focusing on the beauty of their love in order to get married, no matter the circumstance. It reminded us that seasons come and go, but Love truly is Timeless.

Giovanna - Renae cotton london .jpg
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