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Read below to see the full journey of a bespoke wedding 

The Process


Before our consultation we will gather your ideas together to create a selection of design options which we feel will fit seamlessly into the theme of your wedding. As well as your personal taste and compliment your personality.



During your consultation we will work together to refine your ideas and select the dream dress that you will feel confident & proud to walk down the aisle in. Together we will look at fabrics swatches and surface decoration ideas such as embellishment & embroidery to suit the dress design. This is the stage where we take your accurate measurements in order to begin creating your toile (this is a mock-up dress created in a cheap material so that the design can be tested & perfected).

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Before you come back we will bring the design to life in our London studio. Taking the sketch and your measurements we will create a prototype of your wedding dress. During this time you should purchase your bridal underwear & heels ready for your 1st dress fitting.


Around 2 months after your 1st consultation the toile dress will be ready. We will arrange for you to come in for a fitting.  At this stage we will make all amendments to the design, as sometimes we realise that an idea does not perfectly suit every one. Here we may have to change sleeves, necklines, hemlines, the list is endless. During this fitting we will also alter the fit of the dress to fit your figure seamlessly.


Now for the real thing . . .
At this stage of the process your wedding gown will be made in the real fabrics. This fitting is to make sure you are completely happy and the dress fits you perfectly. So we will do a  fit check and carry out any additional alterations before adding fastenings and closures e.g. zips, buttons & loops.  




This is the place where our journey ends and your happily ever after begins… We will have a final fitting to make sure every aspect of the dress is perfect and ready for your big day. Once you are happy & confident in your dress you will be able to take it home.

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